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Natural Floors

These days more and more homeowners are choosing to have natural flooring fitted throughout their house or apartment. There are a number of different types of natural flooring, including real wood flooring and bamboo flooring, but whichever you choose you will be pleased with the results and benefits it brings to your home.

Among the many advantages to natural wood flooring are:
• they are easy to clean and free from dust making them a healthier option than other flooring;
• they are warmer and keep draughts at bay and this gives a cosy feel to your entire home;
• they can will withstand the wear or tear of everyday life better than other forms of flooring; and finally
• real wood floors can increase the value of your home as they are stylish and will last for many years.

There are a number of types of real wood flooring to choose from depending on the colour, finish and style you want to achieve in your home. The most popular ones are pine flooring, white oak flooring, red oak flooring, beech flooring, maple flooring, and ash flooring. You will find that there isn’t much difference between the durability of the various types of natural wood flooring so your choice really does come down to aesthetics.

As well as real wood flooring, many people are now opting for solid bamboo flooring, which has many advantages, such as being strong, long-lasting, and super stylish. Bamboo flooring is also one of the most environmentally friendly floorings available today, and is usually available in the natural light colour or a darker ‘coffee’ colour. Bamboo is actually grass not wood and it can be harvested every five years, which means your wood flooring would not result in the destruction of a forest, and this is why bamboo flooring is being dubbed the natural flooring of the future.

Other types of natural flooring worth considering are seagrass carpet, which is made from seagrass yarn and is hardwearing and water resistant, making it popular as a flooring for cars, conference centres and offices; and stone flooring, such as marble flooring, granite flooring, limestone flooring, travertine flooring, and slate tile flooring, which are becoming increasing popular as bathroom flooring.

Once you have chosen the type of natural flooring your prefer you may like to consider installing underfloor heating, which is fast becoming one of the more popular ways to heat your home and works particularly well under real wood flooring. Underfloor heating gently warms the air above, eliminating any cold spots and draughts, and reducing energy consumption by using low water temperatures

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